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Very Vision is a line of mostly functional ceramics made by Amy Rivier. She loves experimenting with new claybodies, glazes and techniques; throwing on the wheel and hand-building. She is drawn to eclectic colour palettes and is happiest with her work when she feels it includes a little wink to others. 

Despite dabbling with textiles since she was little, it was a whim in 2010 that united her with clay and stoked her curiosity and desire to learn and progress beyond her usual dallying (it's a very part-time and ongoing endeavour!), all for the love of getting dirt-ay, water, earth and fire.

Each piece is handmade in small runs and therefore all are unique as snowflakes.

Amy lives in Ottawa, Ontario with her #1 dude, her dog and her cat (Graham, Ivy and Coleslaw, respectively). She loves sweet and salty foods in combination, good brews, deep lakes; jumping into them, bike rides and runs,cross-country skiing, growing vegetables, teaching canning, secondhand everything, bingeing on bad television and righteous hangouts with rad friends.